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Having ears makes sense again.

20061125 Quh 0.3.2 is available for download
20061114 Quh 0.3.1 is available for download
20060320 Quh 0.3.0 is available from CVS

aims to replace all other audio players because there are too many :-)

is made of many different filters:
cdda read, flac decode, mp3 decode (mad), vorbis decode, audiofile (aifc, aiff, au, avr, bicsf, iff, mpeg, nist, raw, sd1, sd2, sf2, smp, snd, voc, wav), sndfile (aiff, au, avr, htk, iff, mat, paf, pvf, raw, sds, sf, voc, w64, wav, xi), wav read, raw read, cache, cddb, console, demux, esound, id3, libao, oss (linux), read
support for much other stuff like reading text files, etc. will be included in future releases

uses keyboard shortcuts similar to those of MPlayer

does not require a desktop or GUI toolkit

is available as ~90kBytes (with all support enabled) cmdline player ("Quh") or as network version ("php_quh") using PHP, CSS, JS and Flash